4 Ways COVID-19 Can Help You Generate More Business!

Sounds a bit counter intuitive, right?! But wait, stick with me for me a moment!

In the wake of the fastest spreading viral infection in our lifetimes, we are all forced to succumb to social distancing. No outings, no networking, no engagements! Pretty sweet deal for an Ebenezer Scrooge, but for many of us, we are in the business of making deals. So the impact is taking its toll!

However here are 4 Coronavirus Business tips to turn this isolation into sales!

How Coronavirus Goes Hand In Hand with Your Bottom Line

Since the hysteria over coronavirus has become part of our daily lives, think about many hands you have shaken since then. Not many, right? Which is socially responsible, so thank you! However, have you also considered what goes along with not shaking hands?!

It goes deeper than just Hi & Bye!

The handshake is an essential part of business. It communicates an exchange of trustworthiness. From the moment you meet someone for the first time to the final upholding of an agreement. Every sale is dependent on some form of connection made between people. And well… with less connections being made due to social distancing, our ability to network and make deals is being heavily impacted!

So let’s discuss how we and benefit our businesses in the meanwhile.

Do These 4 Things to Generate More Business During Coronavirus!

Assuming business has slowed down and you have an unexpected amount of idle time, here are three tips to help you generate more business.

1. Increase Social Media Presence

Over the coming weeks as we all sit home in isolation, social media use will likely increase. It will become a prioritized for entertainment during idle time. So this is a chance to put your brand in front of more eyes. Take time to share more content, engage with potential clients, and point them to your website for future business.

2. Follow Up With Old Contacts

Take a moment to engage with people you have connected with in the past. Whether they are a stack of business cards you accumulated from networking or a list of contacts in your database, the likelihood is you have more contacts than ones you have spoken with recently. Reach out to see how they are and if there is anything you can do for them currently. Watch you make a sale you did not expect!

3. Update Your Bookkeeping

Organization usually takes a second seat to generating sales, but the burden of needing to get it done causes stress and takes away from your daily efficiency. So take this time to put things in order. Create some mental clarity by checking this task off your list. This way you can focus on making and closing deals as things normalize. And who knows, you may discover a lapsed payment you have been waiting for.

4. Implement Your Good Ideas

This is the perfect time to revisit the business ideas you have written down. Perhaps you discovered a new market opportunity you would like to enter. Or are interested in a system to help improve a mundane task. Use this time to research and strategize the best way to get it done. Your new ideas will generate new business now that you have had the time to develop and execute them.

Sure these are little tactics, but they can go a long way. These are things we all want and need to get to get done but there is never enough time. Well now COVID-19 has pushed us into social distancing, here is your time! So take this opportunity to prioritize these tips and as a result generate more business.

Stay safe and healthy my friends!

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