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Put your brand in customers hands! Whether you need a focused marketing campaign, premium product line, or print design, Plot Twist is a collaboration of strategist and creators that bring touch to your marketing by pairing your brand with the right products!

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Products are the only form of marketing to tell your brand story through all five human senses. Touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight boost your customer connection that much more.

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Promotional Products

More than just logos on pens! Promotional products extend your messaging by invoking touchable interactions with your brand. Thus creating first and lasting impressions that generate leads for your business.

Our team helps develop marketing ideas and finds the right products to connect you and your customers.


Custom Merchandise

This is for keepsakes! Merchandise elevates customer loyalty to your brand by providing an opportunity for ownership. Every purchase is a token of validation towards your businesses mission and vision.

Allow us to design your line of products worth purchasing by sourcing creative quality merchandise for your brand.


Print & Packaging

Paper matters! Print and packaging are responsible for conveying your marketing message. The words and design are just as important as what they are printed on. Customers immediately grade your brand based on quality of flyers, brochures, business cards and boxing.

Our team designs and delivers high perceived print collateral to uphold the caliber of your businesses brand.

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Looking to connect customers to your brand?! It takes strategic marketing paired with the right products to create reactions for generating business!

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Mr. B. YourBrand

Brand Merchandiser

My MBA says Brandon Williams, but Mr. B.YourBrand is what I do best!

After nearly a decade of Sales & Marketing in luxury travel and entertainment, I took the show on the road to help businesses hone in on their brand identity and connect with customers and clients. Most businesses are already great at what they do, but just need an innovator to help tell their story better.

So I answered the call and launched PLOT TWIST MERCH & MARKETING!

From promotional products to retail ready merch, I am in the business of helping you B. YourBrand!



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